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Backstage vs. Front of House

Ever wonder what it would be like backstage at your favorite concert?

Many people think backstage (or more accurately, side-stage) would be the “best seat in the house.” But truth is, it’s often not the best place to hear the music and see the band.…

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Moses Brings Men Together

Collaborations are trendy. People like them because they often bring together unlikely partners to find common ground and expand boundaries.

One recent project we helped capture on-camera centered on the marriage of the bluegrass group Steep Canyon Rangers with the R&B group Boyz II Men – and included North Carolina’s Asheville Symphony for good measure. …

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Providing Method to Madness

Some things in life you probably don’t want to see being made, like sausage or laws. And you might add concerts to that list. It’s amazing to watch as semi-trucks with rolling road-cases transform dark-stages into electric playgrounds, and then 18-hours later those same trucks roll out again, as if nothing ever happened. Such was …

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Band-Brand Best Practices

American Idol Lauren Alaina and Cracker Barrel executives talked best practices in the “band meets brand “equation at this year’s Music Business Association conference in Nashville. The star-studded conference included seminars, panels, performances and speeches from a wide range of industry heavyweights and artists, including Bebe Rhexa, Luke Combs, Peter Frampton, Darius Rucker and Cane …

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Does Size Matter?

We produce most of our concert events in large venues such as a House of Blues, convention centers, or perhaps a theater. But occasionally we end up off the beaten path, in more unique, boutique locations. So we thought it would nice to spotlight a venue that you may not be familiar with, recognizing it …

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Mega Truck Series in 2016

Cord Management is excited to introduce a strategic marketing platform for brands looking to reach and engage with fans of extreme motorsports or alternative country music through offerings that will reach nearly 4MM passionate consumers who enjoy the adrenaline-fueled excitement of big trucks and the new wave of alt-country music coming out of Nashville. The …

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