Does Size Matter?

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We produce most of our concert events in large venues such as a House of Blues, convention centers, or perhaps a theater. But occasionally we end up off the beaten path, in more unique, boutique locations.

So we thought it would nice to spotlight a venue that you may not be familiar with, recognizing it as a pleasant surprise along the rock and roll highway.

Park City, Utah’s super-hip O. P. Rockwell ( was a great place to produce our recent Gavin DeGraw show, thanks in part to the club’s intimate vibe and stellar staff.

O.P. Rockwell is small by some standards, but it sure is cool, no matter the size.

Perhaps a peak at this unique venue will give you inspiration to think outside the box when considering your next location for a high-end corporate function.

Click here or click on the photo above to see the full video!

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