Turning Dirt Into Dollars

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Does your company sell to “heartland” consumers? Those hard-working people who prefer barbeque to caviar? If so, check out this ground floor opportunity… and when we say “ground,” we mean it – literally.

Cord Management and Average Joe’s Entertainment have partnered to bring structure to the relatively unorganized sport referred to as “mudding”.

The Mega Truck Series & Music Festival is a combination Monster Jam meets Tractor Pull, with a “new-country” concert added to the mix. And it’s all done outdoors, so it’s the perfect landscape for brands promoting the outdoor lifestyle.

What this means for you is access to a growing audience of diehard fans. The first MTS event in Kentucky sold out with 5,000 fans attending, and 2,000 turned away at the gate. This month the series moves to Florida, where upwards of 10,000 are expected!

Check this youtube sizzle reel for a glimpse of the action, then call us if your business might benefit from getting a little mud on the tires.

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