Behind the Curtain – July ’15

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For more than 10 years, Cord Management has brought new energy to trade shows, producing corporate concerts and keynote presentations on behalf of the trade show itself or on behalf of companies looking to generate extra attention and opportunity beyond the convention floor exhibit booth.

By breaking outside the booth to engage customers in an emotional environment, differentiation and strategic advantages are realized by the event’s hosts.

This spring Cord Management brought Kenny Loggins to Napa Valley, REO Speedwagon to St. Louis, and Heart to Chicago. Later this summer we’ll work again with Heart at a Las Vegas convention, where we’ll also produce a keynote speech featuring U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Keni Thomas, who will share inspirational stories from his experience during the famous Black Hawk Down mission in Somalia.

Below are images which help illustrate a few memorable moments this year that have helped our clients stand apart from their competitors

The Real Headliner

The Real Headliner

Create A Space For Success

Space For Success

VIP Photo Opportunities

VIP Photo Opps

REO Speedwagon's Signature Touch

Signature Touch

Special Invite-Only Events

Invite-Only Events

Break Free From The Crowd

Exclusive Seclusion

Build New Relationships In Comfort

Meaningful Interaction

Up Close And Personal

Get Out Front

Exclusive Backstage Access

Backstage Access

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