Behind the Curtain – March ’15

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Selecting the best locations for hosting a corporate concert is one of the core services we provide at Cord Management. With so many factors involved in planning, evaluating and costing different venues, it’s easy to understand why clients turn to us and our expertise in finding the best options for their marquee events.

Napa Valley Outdoor Venue

A recent site visit to Napa Valley allowed us to compare two sites on behalf of our client: one outdoor and one indoor. There were pros and cons to both venues – both from a “customer-experience” standpoint, and also from the technical, logistical, and budgetary requirements for each. Following an extensive analysis, which included sourcing vendors, weighing options and assessing risks, a location was selected and all parties moved forward with a cohesive plan. What’s more, this was accomplished in a matter of days, as opposed to several weeks (or longer) had our client opted to “go it alone”.

Napa Valley Outdoor - Back of House

When it comes time to select the next location for your corporate concert or marquee event, let us know how we can help facilitate and expedite the process. Beyond site selection services, also keep in mind that Cord Management provides guidance with an array of other entertainment details – serving either as a consultant to assist your in-house efforts, or as a project manager responsible for the entire production.

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